Selasa, 03 Mei 2011


# The love that comes only once in a thousand years seems nothing. 
For both of you the sky and land are highly spirited. 
The sign day .... come back. 
The things thrown to the old ocean. 
Disappear without any sounds. 
In the scorching afternoon. 
The waves are so bright like metal glitters. 
With this smile. 
You can not look back ... go...go forward. 
Embracing the storms and jump in your dream. 
And always be highly spirited island. 
Search in the boundless sky. 
The wounded sea gulls will fly over. 
The storm of tears

# Collect the tears and send them back to the sky. 
Only the everlasting love spreads stardust. 
Feeling a live the blurred night. 
The night with no star seems to swallow my self. 
Light, don’t disappear. 
My lost soul is shooting. 
I just wanna see you. In my illusion, fantasy and dream, I am running seriously. 
The miracle inside me has a waken. 
No matter when just remember, you’re not alone. 
We are just dreamer. 
Take love, get all love, get back love in our hands. 
Only the everlasting love spreads stardust.
let’s just dream that what will tomorrow become.

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